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Norway Sanctions

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  • UN – Norway updates its sanctions list immediately whenever the UN does.
  • EU – Norway has also aligned itself with such EU restrictive measures as those against Syria, Libya, Iran, Ivory Coast, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, etc.

More information on Norway and EU Alignment follow the link EU Third Countries

Norway is not a member of the EU and is therefore not bound by CP931 Factsheet CP931. However, Norway’s dualistic system means that the implementation of binding UNSCRs requires that all actions involving the listing of natural legal entities must be provided for in national law, as in a dualistic system conventions and other binding international obligations are not directly applicable. Norway, however, does not have an independent national terrorist list, as do other countries with dualistic systems.

Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for implementing listing decisions. If a listing decision is binding on Norway, such as those the UNSC makes acting under UN Chapter VII, it implements it either by amending the relevant existing regulations or by adopting new ones. Some of the EU regulations implementing restrictive measures with which Norway has aligned itself contain their own lists, which Norway also must amend in its relevant implementation instruments.

In addition to updating the regulations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also passes information about listing decisions to such relevant authorities as the police, financial authorities, customs, and the immigration authorities, which then have the responsibility for fulfilling their obligations in their respective fields.

The Norwegian regulations are available here lovdata

Regulations to the implementation of control of the export of strategic goods, services and technology

Laid down by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 4 July 2007 pursuant to the Act of 18 December 1987 No. 93 relating to control of the export of strategic goods, services, technology, etc., cf. Royal Decree of 18 December 1987 No. 967 on delegation of authority pursuant to the Act of 18 December 1987 No. 93 relating to control of the export of strategic goods, services, technology, etc. Norwegian Regulation (in English)

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