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From 6 December 2006, Australia has implemented targeted autonomous sanctions against those responsible for the December 2006 Fiji military coup and senior appointees of Fiji’s Interim Government.

Sanctions currently cover:

Travel restrictions

  • Restrictions on visas to travel to Australia by:
    • high profile coup supporters; ranking Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) officers (warrant officer rank and above), and their families
    • other RFMF members, but not their families;
    • Interim Government Ministers, and their families;
    • Interim Government-appointed senior public servants; and
    • Interim Government appointees to government or quasi-government boards.
  • Migration Regulations 1994, Regulation 2.43(1)(a)(i)(A) and Public Interest Criterion 4003(a)

Arms embargo and suspension of defence cooperation

  • Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulation 1958,Regulation 13 E

Suspension of Ministerial level contact with the Interim Government

Australia Sanctions



ITAR Based sanctions, see chapter on ITAR for more detailed information

August 8, 201176 FR 47990 – Amendment to ITAR §126.1. Denial policy, with one exception (peacekeeping activities).

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