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Note: All information gathered and acquired from Company Websites before they were shutdown, Public Available Information & Open Information from Sources on the Internet

Extra information on Syrian business


Real Estate Bank (REB)

State-owned bank providing financial support for the regime. REB is a public institution established in1966.

REB aims at supporting building movement in Syria.
It works to activate construction of dwellings; tourist, commercial, industrial and professional establishments as well as hospitals and schools.
It also encourages establishing and activating cooperatives through presenting loans that assist them to implement their building and residential projects.
It also grants loans to individuals to establish, complete or purchase dwellings; commercial, scientific and professional offices; clinics; and pharmacies, especially to limited income people.
REB carries out all banking operations within its specializations, especially deposits’ acceptance, savings’ encouragement and warranties’ granting.
The bank presents to the clients special banking services through using up-to-date computers and direct dealing with public.

Shareholders: <sort> Central Bank of Syria. Public Establishment for Social Securities. Commercial Bank of Syria. Pension Fund of Municipalities’ Employees and Hired. First and second category municipalities. General Syrian Institution for Insurance. Public Debt Fund. </sort>


Insurance Bldg- Yousef Al-azmeh sqr. Damascus P.O. Box: 2337 Damascus Syrian Arab Republic
Phone: (+963) 11 2456777 and 2218602 Fax: (+963) 11 2237938 and 2211186
Bank’s e-mail: Publicrelations@,

Mada Transport

Subsidiary of Cham Holding, which is owned & controlled by Rami Makhlouf. Mada is the Cham arm for public transport facilities, which include air transportation, roads, bridges, ports, railway stations, railway tracks, highways and toll roads. Mada recently launched Syrian Pearl Airlines, a joint venture between the state-run Syrian Arab Airlines and Cham Holding. Syrian Pearl Airlines is the second national carrier and the first private Scheduled airline authorized by Presidential Decree No 5 in 2008 to perform airline operations within and to/from Syria. The airline is owned 68% by Cham Holding, 25% by Syrian Air, and 7% by Arab investors.

Cham Investment Group (CIG)

Subsidiary of Cham Holding, which is owned & controlled by Rami Makhlouf CIG, was established by Cham Holding to be its financial arm and to play a key role in the economic development process in Syria. The fundamental objective of Cham Investment Group is to set up leading financial establishments in the fields of banking, insurance, and financial services, in association with prime international and Arab firms.

CIG owns Daman Al Cham for Brokerage and Financial Services. In accordance with the launch of the Damascus Securities Exchange, and the belief in the important role of financial markets in the country’s economy, CIG and Daman Securities UAE had established Daman Al Cham for Brokerage and Financial Services. Daman Al Cham is licensed for brokerage, IPO management, and advisory.

Fares Chehabi (aka Fares Shihabi)

President of Aleppo Chamber of Industry and worked with the EU on the Trade Enhancement Programme (TEP) in 2010.

Emad Ghraiwati – (aka Imad Ghreiwati)

Member of the Cham Holding board, President of the Damascus Chamber of Industry, Owner of the Ghreiwati Group.

  • The Ghreiwati Group is specialized in automotives, tires, industry, home appliances, electrical field, textile and construction. It is the sole distributor in Syria of such automobile companies as Ford, Lincoln Mercury, Kia Motors, etc.
  • Ghreiwati group owns Syrian Modern Cables (SMC) – Chief Executive is Mr. Imad Ghreiwati. SMC is a Syrian-based company which manufactures insulated wire and cables including low, medium, and high voltage power cables, control cables, and telephone, instrumentation, and signal cables. It is one of the major leading companies in cable industry. With a production capacity of 15000 tons of metal per year, SMC produces several types of cables, and exports them to more than 20 countries over Europe, Africa and Asia.

Tarif Akhras

Owner of Akhras Group – Akhras is a group of entities that trade, process and handle soft and grain commodities (sugar, rice, bananas, oils, corn, soybean, barley and wheat etc.)

These entities are of related integration as of import, production and storage, to distribution and sale.
Business is accompanied by logistic facilities of warehouses, cold stores, silos and fleet of truck carriers.
The group practices as well the trading of building materials of steel and cement and the engineering industry of ready mix concrete.
The group as well works in Real Estate development (see below).

Entities of Akhras Group are: <sort> Middle Easter Sugar Refinery S.A. – 2000 ton per day raw Sugar refining producing white sugar – Industral City of Hassia-Homs-Syria. Middle East Factories Animal feed & Vegetable Oils 1200 ton per day Soybean Crushing & Refining. Plant producing Soy bean meal & Soy bean Oil & Sunflower Oil (including BioDiesel) – Industrial City of Hassia-Homs-Syria. Grand Mills 600 ton per day wheat processing producing wheat flour – Industrial City of Hassia-Homs-Syria. Middle East Factires for starch and glucose Co. – A plant for processing 400 ton of corn per day to produce starch and glucose – Industrial city of Hassia-Homs-Syria. (Expected production 2012). Transbeton Ready mix concrete producer of 800 meter cube of concrete per day – Industrial City of Hassia-Homs-Syria. Samba Icecream & Dairy products – Jobar-Homs. Transorient Storage facilities One of the largest private storage facilities Warehouses for bulk and bags Cold Stores for Bananas Silos for grain – Homs, Tartous and Hassia Industrial City Transorient Transportation Largest private fleet in Syria of vehicles (300 trucks) fully equipped to ship bulk, bags and liquid – Homs Transorient Maritime Agency Ship (TransMar) and maritime agency for conventional vessels – Tartous, Lattakia Ships Owners 35000 metric ton handy max vessel – The vessel transports goods through the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean to Argentina and Brazil. </sort> Real Estate Development of the Akhras Group: <sort> TransMall Commercial & Entertainment Center – A center that includes hypermarket, fashion stores, restaurants, cafes and kids play place…etc liat Residential Suburb 360.000 m2 land of residential buildings and villas with public service centers and utilities </sort>

Issam Anbouba

Owner of Anbouba Agro Industries (AAI) & Member of the Cham Holding board.

Company Products & Services: <sort> Soya bean extraction for the production for soya meals Oil (including BioDiesel) Vegetables Ghee and lecithin </sort>

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