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May 04, 2012 – The European Union will call Suriname to account on the controversial Amnesty Act and its observance of the constitutional state, NOS news learnt from diplomatic sources in Brussels. The EU will soon engage in the so-called Article 8 dialogue with the Surinamese government. In diplomatic circles such a dialogue is referred to as a ‘political debate’, but actually it is a fierce reprimand of the country called to account. Diplomats say this is the toughest measure by the EU before it resorts to sanctions.

Source: Stabroek News

April 07, 2012 – The High Representative has noted that the National Assembly of Suriname has approved the amendment to the Surinamese Amnesty Law of 1989.

This amendment will have an important impact on the ongoing judicial process concerning human rights violations committed in the 1980’s, including the murder of political opponents on December 8, 1982. It is important that all Surinamese, public authorities and citizens, regardless of political affiliation, join together and work to consolidate the ongoing healing and reconciliation process in the country. Reconciliation and justice go hand in hand, and should be ensured within the framework of the basic principles of the separation of powers and the respect of Suriname’s international commitments. The EU attaches great importance to the respect of the rule of law, accountability and independence of the judiciary as fundamental principles of democratic society. EU Press Release

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